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  1. Short contribution

    Homicide in Canada and the crime drop

    In contrast to the Canadian crime drop of the 1990s, homicide appeared as an anomaly with a peak in the 1970s. Yet previous studies tend to refer only to completed homicides, and here we also include attempts....

    Graham Farrell, Tarah Hodgkinson and Martin A. Andresen

    Crime Science 2018 7:1

    Published on: 24 January 2018

  2. Research

    Crime topic modeling

    The classification of crime into discrete categories entails a massive loss of information. Crimes emerge out of a complex mix of behaviors and situations, yet most of these details cannot be captured by singu...

    Da Kuang, P. Jeffrey Brantingham and Andrea L. Bertozzi

    Crime Science 2017 6:12

    Published on: 27 December 2017

  3. Systematic review

    Personal security alarms for the prevention of assaults against healthcare staff

    Personal security alarms have been used to try to reduce violence against healthcare staff, some of whose members face relatively high risks of assault. This systematic review focused on the effect of alarms i...

    Chloe Perkins, Deirdre Beecher, David Colas Aberg, Phil Edwards and Nick Tilley

    Crime Science 2017 6:11

    Published on: 28 November 2017

  4. Systematic review

    Ravenous wolves revisited: a systematic review of offending concentration

    Numerous studies have established that crime is highly concentrated among a small group of offenders. These findings have guided the development of various crime prevention strategies. The underlying theme of ...

    Natalie N. Martinez, YongJei Lee, John E. Eck and SooHyun O

    Crime Science 2017 6:10

    Published on: 1 August 2017

  5. Systematic review

    How concentrated is crime at places? A systematic review from 1970 to 2015

    Despite the increasing awareness and interests about the importance of crime concentration at places, scholars have not comprehensively synthesized the body of evidence related to this thesis. We conduct a sys...

    YongJei Lee, John E. Eck, SooHyun O and Natalie N. Martinez

    Crime Science 2017 6:6

    Published on: 26 May 2017

  6. Research

    Domestic burglary drop and the security hypothesis

    This study examines the role of household security devices in producing the domestic burglary falls in England and Wales. It extends the study of the security hypothesis as an explanation for the ‘crime drop’....

    Andromachi Tseloni, Graham Farrell, Rebecca Thompson, Emily Evans and Nick Tilley

    Crime Science 2017 6:3

    Published on: 15 February 2017

  7. Research

    Disappeared persons and homicide in El Salvador

    During 2012–2013, the homicide rate in El Salvador came down from 69.9 to 42.2 per 100,000 population following a government brokered truce between the leaders of the two major gangs, Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio ...

    Carlos Carcach and Evelyn Artola

    Crime Science 2016 5:13

    Published on: 1 December 2016

  8. Theoretical article

    In defence of administrative criminology

    This paper is based on an address given as joint winner with Ronald V. Clarke of the 2015 Stockholm Prize in Criminology. This was awarded for some early studies we worked on together in the UK Home Office whi...

    Pat Mayhew

    Crime Science 2016 5:7

    Published on: 6 May 2016

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